Surveillance, Security Solutions

We can scope out best fit solutions that address your security needs. Each solution is crafted with your protection and budget in mind. We can provide you with the specialist assistance that you need to implement security solutions that will enable your company to realize the benefits in cost savings and productivity that the Internet can bring without exposing your internal systems to attack from hackers, viruses, mail relay and password thieves. Now that the internet has come of age, your company faces new threats such as spam, worms and spy ware, and needs to accommodate new technologies such as instant messaging and streaming media. We can help you to implement the latest web security and email security technology that will allow your company to make the most efficient use of internet bandwidth whilst enforcing your company’s acceptable usage policy.
Solutions available from BB include hardware and software for:
  • CCTV / IP Camera : 24/7 Video recording, Monitoring & Recording services
  • Firewall (Software / Hardware): Protects your network & Data from Intruders
  • Access Control : Restricts access to your office.
  • Biometric Attendance System : Keep track of employ attendance (Including reports for payroll)
  • Business Edition Antivirus : Centralized Virus protection & monitoring for your Server, PC & laptops.
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